Training "Strategic planning in rural areas"

Within the project "Building of Rural Development Resources and the Balkans region - No Border" financed by International Visegrad Fund it's implemented training "Strategic planning in rural areas" in hotel "Kapri " Bitola from 25th to 27th March 2015.

Trainers from Poland and Czech Republik, trained representatives of the rural development networks from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia how to planning in rural areas with an emphasis on participatory approach and experience of Visegrad and EU countries.

During the training participants to combine theoretical and practical examples of forward or professional capacity on the following topics: Importance of strategic planning in rural development. Community animation for strategic planning of local development, Defining territory and description of it (surface, towns and villages, population), Analysis of development needs and potential of the area, including SWOT analysis, Definition of the objectives of the local development strategy including clear and measurable indicators for outputs and results, Compliance with a superior strategic documents (i.e. National Rural Development programme); A description of the involvement of local stakeholders in the preparation of local development strategies, An action plan for the implementation of local development strategies; The method of monitoring and evaluation of local development strategies; A description of the project selection, Description of the capabilities of the implementation of local development strategies and Financial plan for LDS implementation.