Training "Animation of local partnerships in rural areas"

Within the project "Building of Rural Development Resources and the Balkans region - No Border" financed by International Visegrad Fund it's implemented training "Animation of local partnerships in rural areas" in Ethno village Izvor, Nikshic (Montenegro) from 19th to 21st May 2015.

In the training participated representatives of the rural development networks from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.

The participants combine theoretical and practical examples of forward or professional capacity During the training. The following topics were discussed during the training: Territorial partnership, basic pricipals, How to initiate local action group – theory and practical work, Building Local Action Group (LAG) – theory and practical work, Steps between start and established LAG, LAG work and Main chalangies in LAG development – experience of Visegrad and Western Balkan countries. Also the participants have possibility to discuss about experience in Balkan countries and possible cooperation with LAG from Visegrad coutries.