Mentoring training programme for Balkan LAG initiatives

Within the project "Building of Rural Development Resources and the Balkans region - No Border" financed by International Visegrad Fund it's implemented Mentoring training programme for Balkan LAG initiatives in LAGs from Visegrad countries” in Local Action Groups in Hungary, Czech Republic and Poland from 26th to 30th October 2015.

During the training representatives of the rural development networks from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia have possibility to visit Local Action Groups and to learn how they working and also to learn about achievements of Local Action Groups in last programing period 2007-2013.

During the training participants have possibility to visit following LAGs: LAG Horni Pomoravi (Czech Republic), LAG Hranicko (Czech Republic) and LAG Region Hana (Czech Republic), LAG Deli Napfenj (Hungary), LAG NAD BIAŁĄ PRZESZĄ LAG and LAG Korona Północnego Krakowa.

Experience of participants are presented in brochure about experience and achievements.