Network for Rural Development of Montenegro

Crna gora ruralNetwork for Rural Development of Montenegro (NRDM) is a young organization, founded on June 6th 2012. The network was officially presented at the international conference "The role of civil society in the rural development of the Western Balkans" in Niksic. The establishment of the Network is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Montenegro, Municipality of Niksic, SWG (Standing Working Group for Rural Development of South-Eastern Europe), GIZ (former GTZ, a German organization for Technical Cooperation), FAO and civil sector of Montenegro and the region. NRD of Montenegro, besides the national level, is very active on the regional and European level. We are one of the founders of the Balkan Network for Rural Development (BRDN) and a member of the PREPARE network. Representatives of the Network are members of various working groups at the national level, such as: Working group for Chapter 11 - Agriculture and Rural Development, Working Group for drafting the Strategy of Agriculture and Rural Development, IPARD Monitoring Committee.

Mission: Through its activities and newly created partnerships, Network for Rural Development of Montenegro mobilizes all existing capacities on the ground and directs them towards a better understanding of the concept of rural development in Montenegro and the EU.

Vision: Evenly developed Montenegro, where the inhabitants of rural areas contribute to its development with their social, economic and cultural activities and actively participate in the preservation and protection of the space in which they live.

a) strengthening the awareness of all actors in rural areas, particularly civil society organizations and contributing to the overall sustainable development of rural areas of Montenegro
b) Strengthening activism of rural populations through initiatives of civil society
c) Creating an environment for interactive relationship of the rural population with the local and state administration and strengthening their bargaining power and influence on policy-makers and decision-makers

Members: For now, Network for Rural Development of Montenegro is represented by 22 civil society organisations: 1. Agro group, 2 Dogcherry days 3. Agricultural Union of Montenegro, 4. Center for knowledge transfer, 5. Viola, 6. Status, 7. Relive the village, 8. Agribusiness center, 9. ZZ Agrinorth, 10. Regional agency for Komovi and Bjelasica, 11. Association of olive producers BOKA, 12. Foundation for development of North, 13. Association of sheep breeders PIVA, 14. Association of goat breeders, 15. Natura, 16. Association of olive producers BAR, 17. Association of producers of vegetables in greenhouses, 18. Expeditio, 19. Morakovo, 20. Media team, 21. Youth club Niksic, 22. Cluster Agritourism.