Albanian Network for Rural Development

Al ruralAlbanian Network for Rural Development (ANRD) - a civil society initiative to promote and implement the community-led local development through advocacy and initiatives on the designing and implementation of sustainable rural development policies with the final aim the improvement of quality of life for local communities in Albania - was formalized in the end of 2015, crowning a series of efforts over the years. ANRD marked also the creation of the last network created in the Balkans in the continuum of the Pan European enlargement movement for rural development.

Mission: Promote community-led rural development through advocacy and initiatives on policy development and implementation towards sustainable rural development with the aim to improve the quality life of rural communities.

Vision: Albania becomes a country with sustainable and balanced rural development where rural communities contribute through their social and economic activities, as well as actively participate in the protection and development of the areas where they live.

Key objectives:
- Cooperate, coordinate and advocate jointly with communities, relevant local and national partners, public and private stakeholders, towards sustainable rural development
- Promote and support community-led local development (CLLD)
- Support the relevant local stakeholders for the implementation of the Cross-Cutting Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development, in particular the implementation of local strategies for the Local Action Groups(LAG) and Leader +

Members: ACLI-IPSIA (Shkoder); ADAD Malore (Diber); Albanian Foundation for Training and Development Tirane); Agricultural Biological Institute (Durres); AGRINET (Korçe); Agritra Vision (Peshkopi); AGROPUKA (Puke); Creative Business Solutions (Tirane); CESVI (Permet); IDM – Institute for Democracy and Mediation (Tirane); LERDA (Lezhe); LDA – Local Democracy Agency in Albania (Vlore); MADA – Mountain Areas Development Agency (Tirane); QUODEV (Tirane); RASP – Rural Association Support Programme (Tirane); RRI – Rural Research Institute (Tirane); VIS Albania (Malesi e Madhe); WSA – Women in Sustainable Agriculture (Tirane).